The Terlingua Project is something I had been planning to do for a long time. With every visit to the area I became more and more  intrigued with the residents and especially how they managed to live in what most of us would consider a hostile environment (especially in the summer). During my visits to the area I met some of the residents by simply sitting on the “front porch” of the Trading Post, the “community center”, where everyone tends to get together at the end of the day. The more time I spent on the porch, the more I wanted to document the area and the people that live there. To be more specific, I wanted to photograph as many residents of Terlingua that I could get in front of the camera and let them tell me about themselves and why they love this part of Texas so much.

Getting people to trust me was the hard part. They had been cheated in another photo project where they didn’t actually receive what was promised. To get them to trust me and to prove I was legit, I started posting my plan on their closed facebook page (over and over). I would also attach photos of portraits taken in my studio and on location to prove that I was a professional and clearly define exactly what each individual or group would receive for their participation.  It took time but they finally bought into the project.

With the help of two team members we photographed 17 sets on our first visit and did a brief interview with as many of the folks as we could handle.

The images posted are from the first, second and third visit.


9657-1024X683 Test



“Marcy, Reagan, Asa, Hank”



"Moises and Taco"

“Moises and Taco”

"Kris and Tex"

“Kris and Tex”

"Mimi, Alexa, Neila, Yareli, Nadia"


Christin and Ross

“Christin and Ross”

"William and India"

“William and India”




“Travis, Brooke and Pamela”


“Dr. Doug”




“Abbe, Pam, Kathie, Synde”





“Voni & Paul”



9684-Tom & Dori

“Tom & Dori”

"Jason, Carmen, Tuca and Monkey"

“Jason and Carmen”

"Billy, Brittany, Joe and Sierra"

“Billy, Brittany, Joe and Sierra”

"Ceil and Leo"

“Ceil and Leo”

"Tommye And Ralph"

“Tommye And Ralph”

" Barbara and Jimmy"

” Barbara and Jimmy”


“Brian, Asheley, and Bailey”


“Dan and Tana”




“Rachel and Sandy”


“Marti & Alex”



9653 -1024X683

“Glenda and Taylor”





“Erik, Blaine & Anna”

"Felix, Cassandra and Theo"

“Felix, Cassandra and Theo”

"Cynthia & Luna"

“Cynthia & Luna”


“Herman and Deanna”











"Mireya, Sophia, Edwin"

“Mireya, Sophia, Edwin”