Hipstamatic – Terry Cockerham Fine Art Photography – Dallas, Texas

In April of 2012 I visited Big Bend National Park. Loaded not only with my usual complement of cameras and lenses, I also brought along my Diana Camera (plastic/toy camera) and my iPhone loaded with the Hipstamatic App. My plan was to triple shoot everything, once with my digital camera and then with the Diana and the iPhone. As it turned out, the plan was simply too ambitious. Time, temperature and consideration for another photographer traveling with me precluded shooting everything with every camera (it takes a considerable amount of time to reload a Diana in the field). This portfolio contains travel photography shot with the iphone and processed through the Hipstamatic app.

In November 2015, I again carried my digital equipment and my cell phone (but not the Diana Camera) and again I incorporated the use of the Hipstamatic App as part of my shooting tools. This time the photos taken on the phone were photographed in such a way they appear to be tintypes. You will find samples of the those photos at the bottom of the page. Because my time in the area was limited, I only have 5 images posted in this style.

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Grave Desert Juan de Leon


Hipstamatic iPhone

“A Long Road”

Mariscal Mine Big Bend


Hipstamatic Image 0569


Abandoned Car at Mariscal Mine

“Chop Shop”

Image 0566



“Inner Passage”

"Image 0564"

“The Locals”

Image 0563

“Beauty Queen”

Image 0555

“Desert Biker”

"Desert Religion""

“Desert Religion”

"The Window - 11/2015"

“The Window – 11/2015”


“Car – 11/2015”

"Abandoned Trailer"

“Abandoned Trailer”


"Image 0553"



“Monument No. 2”


“Hanging Out #2”

"Image 0548"

“Desert Guardian No. 3”

Dead Agave - Big Bend National Park



“Monument No. 3”


“Desert Guardian No. 1”

Terlingua Church

“Terlingua Church”

Terlingua Church

“Terlingua Church No. 2”





"Image 0570"

“Territorial Markers”


“Hanging Out – 11/2015”

"Cerro Castellan 04/2017"

“Cerro Castellan – 04/2017”

"Car Seat in Sun"

“Car Seat in Sun”


“Balanced Rock”


“Monument No. 4”


“Desert Red”


“Spiritual Icons No. 1”

Desert Graves

“Spiritual Icons No .2”

Grave in Terlingua

“Spiritual Icons No. 3”


“Spiritual Icons No. 4”


“Spiritual Icons No. 5”

Hole in Rock Indian Head


Cactus Bloom

“Desert Yellow”

Hipstamatic Image 0569


"Tuft Canyon 11/2015"

“Tuft Canyon 11/2015”

"Prickly Pear - 11/2015"

“Prickly Pear – 11/2015”

"Santa Elena 04/2017"

“Santa Elena 04/2017”

"Getting there is the hard part"

“Getting there is the hard part”