In 2012 I was contacted by a faith based organization in Arizona that was looking for a professional photographer to document their annual trip to Haiti. The group needed a way to generate donations and to educate people in their communities and churches who had no basic knowledge of how difficult life is in Haiti. The hope was that professional photographs taken on site and then shared with different organizations in the form of a display, would be a positive addition to their outreach program and hopefully generate funding for the next trip.

Every year this organization travels to Haiti with a different goal. Some years it is construction in the rural areas, other times it is about simple health education.  The purpose of this particular trip was to provide basic medical care for those Haitians that lived outside Port-au-Prince, those areas where access to medical support was non-existent.

The team was small, composed of two doctors, two physician assistants and other non-medical personnel who job was to assist the medical staff. Because the team would be in Haiti for just one week, only the very basic medical care could be provided. There was no surgery or followup available for those whose injuries or illness were beyond the medical teams capability.

The photos posted here are mostly about the people of Haiti ( in two different villages away from Port-au-Prince”) and not so much about the medical team.



“father and son waiting to see the doctor”


“teenage Haitian girl in clinic”


“school room and temporary clinic in Thoman”


“boy and mule returning from the fields”


“mom and baby”

"Haitian boy carrying supplies"

“Haitian boy carrying supplies”

"doctor and patient"

“doctor and patient”

"choir practice in Thoman"

“choir practice in Thoman church/school”

"waiting to see the doctors"

“waiting for their turn to see the doctors”


“doctor, family, interpreter”

"donated glasses allow her to read"

“donated glasses allow her to read”

"day clinic in the jungle near Leogane"

“day clinic in the jungle near Leogane”

"kids and motor bike"

“kids and motor bike”

"street vendors"

“street vendors”

"transport in Port au Prince"

“transport in Port au Prince”


“taking blood pressure – Thoman clinic”


“young girl and family”


“Thoman village kids #1”


“Haitian family, children and groceries”


“interpreter and wife in Thoman”



"listening to interpreter"

“listening to interpreter”

"pregnant Haitian woman on the road to Thoman"

“pregnant woman on the road to Thoman”

"mother and daughter"

“mother and daughter”

"coming home from school"

“coming home from school”

"nurse, dad and his kids"

“nurse, dad and his kids”

"Boys in Church School"

“Boys in church school”

"Thoman classroom"

“Thoman classroom”

"street vendors #2"

“street vendors #2”

"translators and workers"

“translators and workers”


“rice from America “

"Tent City after the earthquake"

“tent city after the earthquake – next to airport”


“Thoman village teens”


“Thoman village kids #2″”


“housekeeping staff in school”

"Young Haitian girl"

“young Haitian girl”


“elderly Haitian woman”

"gasoline for sale in Thoman"

“gasoline for sale in Thoman”

"nurse with young patient"

“nurse with young patient”

"young girl on porch"

“young girl on porch”

"Doc checking baby's ear"

“Doc checking baby’s ear”

"Haitian Girl Scouts"

“Haitian Girl Scouts”

"woman with basket"

“woman with basket”

"street vendors #3"

“street vendor #3”

"street life - Port au prince"

“street life – Port au prince”