Big Bend Portfolio

This portfolio features the rugged, unforgiving landscape of Big Bend National Park. My first visit to Big Bend National Park took place in 2002, and since that first trip, I’ve returned to the park once or twice a year to hike and photograph this unique Texas treasure. This portfolio represents a select few of the many images I’ve captured during the last fourteen years.

Located on the Texas – Mexico border, Big Bend National Park is visually stunning. To the unwary or unprepared, however, the desert landscape can be dangerous and even deadly. Edgar Allen Poe once said, “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” I weave the two elements, death and beauty, into the images, injecting an ominous aspect into a traditional landscape.

All images are post processed in photoshop to produce results that depict my conception of Big Bend, beautiful but dangerous. I print the vast majority of images in black and white on fine art paper to add to the surreal effect of the landscape. This project also includes images from the areas surrounding the Big Bend National Park.

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Volcanic rock in the Indian Head area of Big Bend National Park

“Hole in Rock #2”

Empty remains of the Perry School House in Terlingua, Texas

“Perry School House”

Hot Springs Big Bend National Park

“Hot Springs #1”

Balanced Rock

“Floating #2”

Springs bed Terlingua Abajo Abaja

“Desert Springs”

"Into the Park"

“Into the Park”


“The Chisos Mountains”



Rock Shop on Ranch

“Rock Shop”

Prickly Pear

“Desert Prickly Pear”

“Bone Dry”

Giant Dagger Yucca in Dagger Flats, Big Bend National Park

“Giant Dagger Yucca”


“Perry School House #3- 2014”

"Santa Elena Canyon #2"

“Santa Elena Canyon #2”

"Terlingua Church 2014"

“Terlingua Church 2014”

" Yucca #2"

” Blooming Yucca #2″


“Sam Nail’s Windmill”


“View from the South Rim”


“Untitled Landscape #1”

the open doorWP

“The Open Door”

Other Mtns_1306

“Christmas Mountains – Big Bend”


“Boquillas – Building with Dog”


“Clearing Skies”


“Tuft Canyon #2”

“On the Rio Grande”


“Rocks on the River Road #2 (film)”


“Low Lying Fog”

"Floating #3"

“Floating #3”

"Cactus in Rock"

“Cactus in Rock”

"Floating #7"

“Floating #7”

"Rio Grande & Santa Elena Canyon"

“Rio Grande & Santa Elena Canyon”

"Curves Ahead"

“Curves Ahead”

"The Badlands of Indian Head"

“The Badlands of Indian Head”

"Cliffs on the Rio Grande"

“Cliffs on the Rio Grande”

"Balanced Rock and Grapevine Hills"

“Floating #10”

"Cerro Castellan 2014"

“Cerro Castellan 2014”


“Santa Elena Canyon #1”

Dead Agave - Big Bend National Park

“Dead Agave”

Terlingua Graveyard #2

“Terlingua Graveyard #2”

"Abandoned Car"

“Abandoned Car”

Terlingua Abajo abandoned adobe home

“Terlingua Abajo #3”

Tree Edge of Cliff Looking South

“On Edge #1”


“Terlingua Church”


Rain and Chisos

“Rain on the Chisos #2”

Rocks desolate dry volcanic basalt

“Rocks on the River Road”


“Sun & South Rim”


“Ernst Tinaja”

"Blowing Sand"

“Blowing Sand”

"Hoodoo #1"

“Hoodoo #1”

"Tepee Americana"

“Tepee Americana”

"Overlook Tuft Canyon"

“Overlook Tuft Canyon”

"No Children Play Here"

“No Children Play Here”

"Terlingua Graveyard #1"

“Terlingua Graveyard #1”

"Untitled Landscape #2"

“Sotol Overlook”


“Strange Skies #1

Distant Mountains_1278

“Distant Mountains”

Perry School #4

“Perry School House #4 – Nov. 2015”

“The Window – 2015”


"Man Leaning Against Shoe"

“Man Leaning Against Shoe”


“Mariscal Mine” (film)

"Low Lying Fog #2"

“Low Lying Fog #2”

"Floating #6"

“Floating #6”

"The Last Corral"

“The Last Corral”

"Last Corral #2"

“Last Corral #2”

"Into The Park #3"

“Into The Park #3”

"Fading Light #1"

“Fading Light #1”


"Buddy The Ranch Dog #2"

“Buddy The Ranch Dog #2”


"Hot Springs Motel"

“Hot Springs Motel”





Perry School House in Terlingua Texas

“Perry School House #2”

Sierra del Carmen

“Storm Over Sierra del Carmen”

Glyphs in volcanic rock

“Glyphs #1”

Mud Rocks Cistern

“Out of Balance”

"After the Flood"

“After the Flood”

Abandoned Adobe House Big bend National Park

“The Dorgan House”

"Terlingua Abajo 2003"

“Terlingua Abajo #2 2003”




“Hanging Out”

Dog Rock Shop

“Buddy the Ranch Dog”


“The Window”

Terlingua Graveyard #3

“Terlingua Graveyard #3”

"Grain and Curve"

“Grain and Curve”

"Tuft Sculpture"

“Tuft Sculpture”

""After the Flood #2"

“”After the Flood #2”

"Sublett House"

“Sublett House”

"Ocotillo and Adobe"

“Ocotillo and Adobe”

"Floating #1"

“Floating #1”

"Untitled Landscape #3"

“Untitled Landscape #3”

Strange Skies #2 -1355-2MWP

“Strange Skies #2”

Ocotillos after the Rain2

“Ocotillo After The Rain”

"The Painter"

“The Painter”

“Yuccas on the Maverick Road”

rainonthe chisos5535

“Rain on The Chisos”


“Desert Drive-In – (film)”


“Laccolith Big Bend” (film)

"Looking Towards the Basin"

“Looking Towards the Basin”


“Floating #4”

"Open Door #4"

“Open Door #4”

"Broken Wagon"

“Broken Wagon”

"Blending In"

“Blending In 2005”

"The Winding Rio"

“The Winding Rio”

Hanging Out #2

“Hanging Out #2”

"Lawn Mower for Sale"

“Lawn Mower for Sale”


“Floating #11

"Ill Wind"

“Ill Wind”